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Daniel Fast

March 8 - 28

'The purpose of fasting should be to take our eyes of the things of this world and to focus completely on God'

Gateway Church invites you to join the church-wide fast this March/April as we seek God's protection & direction for our church community.

Based on the biblical partial-fast found in Daniel, the Daniel Fast cleanses the body by omitting certain foods for a period of time. However the deeper and main intent of the fast is to increase spiritual awareness & connection. Fasting is a powerful spiritual discipline that denies our flesh and reminds us that 'we do not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God' (Matthew 4.4). 

Your next 21 days will be filled with vegetables, fruit, nuts and water. You will be able to find more details on foods to include and what to eliminate during the fast below in the resources, but remember to not get to hung up on what you should or shouldn't eat. The purpose of the fast is to deny yourself physically so that you may seek the Lord in prayer and grow closer to Him. 

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